BAT needs a new logo + rename "Basic Attention Token" to "Basic Token"

The lion in Brave Browser looks so cool, but I feel the BAT logo (the triangle) is not really appealing. Why not actually put a bat on the coin logo (without becoming batman)? I am not a designer, but I am sure the talented Brave team could do a killer bat logo.

Also, as the token is used more and more in the web ecosystem (not only in ads, but also in e-commerce and so), would it make sense to shorten “Basic Attention Token” to simply “Basic (BA) Token (T)”?


There’s nothing to change IMHO. Because the BAT ecosystem/platform is created for digital advertising. While BAT (the token) is used as a unit of account inside the ecosystem – to reward the “attention”.

And it’s reflected well in the logo too. Because digital ads ecosystem is consist of 3 roles; advertisers, publishers/creators, and users. :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, this thread’s well suited for instead of Brave Community.

Thanks @eljuno, I didn’t know about the bat community forum. I will post my suggestion there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Should BAT just be for digital advertising or could it be for anything related to web? I guess that’s the question to ask.

People are getting crazy over Mooncats NFT. I think a bat logo would make the Basic Attention Token more desirable (than this soulless triangle). Here is the bat Bacardi logo for inspiration:

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