Bat mobile phone

Can I collect the BATs on the phone, or only and exclusively from a PC? In short, “can I earn” from the phone, or just a PC? Because I don’t have PC

yes you can, but is important to know that on phone you need to collect 25 bat before been able to verify your wallet, so to reduce the chances of losing your rewards you should avoid uninstalling, resetting the device/browser wallet or wipe the browser data(you can clear the cache normally).

sometimes it appears as if the estimated pending rewards were reduced, but that’s just a bug, force stopping the browser and clearing the cache should resolve it

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Ah ok! because if I go to the estimated unclaimed rewards I have 500 BAT, do they automatically redeem me every 5th of each month? or is there a special button? because I don’t see it on Android

:astonished:, maybe you mean 0.500 bat? because 500 bat of pending rewards seems pretty too much to me :grimace:

the process is automatic when the wallet is verified if not, the button to claim will appear once the payment process starts from the 5th of each month (the process usually takes several days)

Yes yes I mean 0.500 haha sorry, so to verify my wallet I must have 25 BAT, I thought it would take 0.025 BAT hahahaha, thanks for everything my friend!

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I feel like Brave should be petitioned to reduce this amount significantly.

25 bat right now is $30. On average you get about $1.50 a month from ads.

That’s 20 MONTHS to wait to be able to verify on your phone.

Plus why shouldn’t I be able to tranfer BAT TO THE PHONE TO TIP I have plenty of BAT but can’t do anything with it on my phone because you don’t have a wallet address…

This really all needs fixing to behave like cryptocurrency should

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No sorry, what? is everything i am basically doing useless on phone? I don’t have a pc, so is it so limiting?

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