BAT missing? Yesterday I had 4 BAT and today it appears my account was reset

Dear Brave users, it seems the brave officials did bluffed us … this rewards is only for name sake … all my rewards was sent back without my concern from uphold … now all my monthly earns through browser is displaying error … browsing in brave is time waste

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Oh okay i can wait, if tomorrow I do not have them I will retag you, okay ? @ShineWhine

same here, my bat rewards balance dropped to close to 0

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I had same problem, then I submitted a request to the support and they said I need to click off button tips for the websites that brave sending them automatically tips so check up your settings.

I am having the same issue. I had about 95 BAT waiting for me. I was really looking forward to April 5th. I am posting here so that I can get this resolved.

i already did that, the problem is bat are reset … And no one (administrators or support) give us them back !

They come back after a while :)))

I am about to reach 3 BAT and everything is good till morning just checked and find that my bat are missing. I’ve only 0.090 BAT and I’ve received 214 ads this month’s

@Andrei.T I wait, i wait …
Edit: i restarted a lot of time brave, my computer and my wifi but no result…

I am also experiencing this. I had ~$100 of pending BAT that has now vanished. Perhaps this is related to the recent fix rolled out for BAT not transferring?
Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet

@steeven can you offer any insight?

Checked again just now, and all my pending BAT are restored. Perhaps there’s some kind of sync that needs to happen?

Hm…Seems to be a problem indeed because when I reopened Brave, the bat came back to 0.07 but I do not know why or how

Happened to me on my 2 devices. Reset to zero.

@thlu0501 @Shiba7 @MAPAASKLA1 @Andrei.T @Ucinus @Aashishh @Willy123

Those words came through my experience, I also had same issue where I thought my bats are gone but I saw the ads count.

This issue has been occurring since last few months where the bats disappears, decreases, increases etc.

Here ya’ll can see the same thing happened to me but after an hour it got fixed itself!

Glitched :-

Fixed :-

Please have a look into this issue! @steeven @Mattches

@Kishore7t7 Clam down and explain your issue in detail in a new topic maybe your issue is different than all of us! If your issue is the same as ours then I would suggest you to wait patiently.

As of above few users may have different issues thus please make sure few things mentioned below :-

  • Check your internet connection
  • Your contribution option is OFF
  • Try turning off and on the Ads option then refresh the browser several times
  • If you have just started the browser, wait few minutes till it loads
  • Refresh the browser (new tab) several times
  • Check your ads count (If they’re same as what was before then you don’t have to worry just be patient the bats will be recovered soon.)
  • Keep your browser open for an hour

NOTE :- Your bats are not GONE! They’re just not being displayed properly.


Yes, me2. I thought that problem will not resolved from that way, then I am with you Lets go take our money from exchange

I’d like to add to @ShineWhine 's advice:


Yeah I also think it’s a temporary glitch and has been occuring for last few months, brave staff should fix this display error issue!

I had the same issue but I followed @ShineWhine and the bats got restored!

Turning ads off and on option works everytime for me.


All with the same problem, I demand a refund of BAT 2 that has disappeared from my account as estimated profit for the month, which through this message I request its return to my account

Check you have the latest update.

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