BAT missing again

Hi there,

My BAT is missing again. 367 Ads received this month, and I’m supposed to have 3.67BAT while I remember I had 3.8BAT yesterday. But this morning the estimated rewards turns to the amount 0.1BAT…

I had this kind of issue on my surface pro, now it happens again on my macbook pro.

Is there any way to have my BAT back?

Many thanks.

MacOS Catalina v10.15.7
Brave v1.23.71

They came back again …

I’m also having this issue. My rewards from ads and estimated pending awards do not match up

Estimated rewards is the rewards estimated from May 5 and hasn’t transferred to Uphold yet.

The BAT amount shown in Uphold means it’s been in your uphold account…

I can help you but how did you say no.

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