BAT lost after reinstall on new OS

Hi guys, well it is never a good idea to complain in a first message…,
so, let me first say that I love the brave browser , it is just great to work with and I had all the time no problems .

But and this a very big but …, I lost nearly all my BAT after changing my OS . And let me clear this up from the very beginning : YES I backup my wallet before I changed my OS. After reinstalled the brave browser and restoring my wallet nearly all my BAT are gone . I looked at my brave://rewards-internals/ and it stated Wallet created: 30.5.2020, The last time I backup my wallet was before that date . So , where is all the BAT ?
I am talking here not about a million $$$$$ , but it looks like the system of rstoring a wallet is not working properly . Hopefully some bright guys can help me in this case.
To all : Have a great day and happy bating …
Very best regards

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