BAT Loss on Android Fix

Dear Brave & BAT Community,

We’d like to provide everyone with an update on the May 2020 decreasing BAT balance bug on Android.

We have investigated the issue and will be rolling out a hotfix on 6/25 that will automatically restore affected users’ BAT balances in Brave Rewards. The hotfix will be applied in version 1.10.99, and will restore lost BAT automatically. If you were affected, please keep an eye out for the app update and check your Brave Rewards BAT balance a few minutes after updating. You can check for available app updates by looking in the Google Play Store on your device.

Update: If you’ve ever made a tip or auto-contribution to creators, you will see your BAT restored starting next week.

We thank everyone who was affected for their patience, and would like to extend special thanks to those users who assisted us in investigating the issue.


Brave & BAT Team