BAT ledger service hogging the CPU

With Brave 0.70.122 on MacOs Mojave, using two different profiles (personal and pro) linked to the same wallet simultaneously, the BAT ledger service constantly uses ~100% CPU.

The problem does not seem to occur when using only one profile at the time, so the issue seems related to using two profiles simultaneously.

Disabling Brave Rewards on one of the profile does not prevent the ledger service from using excessive CPU.

Not to muddy the issue too much, but using the same wallet on two different profiles seem to also cause other glitches such as inconsistent display between Rewards address bar popup and Rewards page (wrong wallet balance and verified status in popup). The “Disconnect from Brave Rewards” link in the wallet dropdown does not seem to be working either.

Killing the BAT ledger service from Brave process management UI does not solve the issue. The service is automatically relaunched and bangs on the CPU as soon as it is started.

Brave version 0.70.122 on MacOs Mojave (10.14.6).

EDIT: I can confirm that using two profiles one of which is not linked to any wallet does not cause the issue to occur.

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