BAT is vanishing without any reason

been using this browser for over a year now without knowing what BAT is and I enjoyed it
I actually had my BAT transferred to my uphold wallet in april/may and could use it
but when I waited for a second transfer, my BAT was being taken out
it happened several times and I wrote to you but your refund mail isn’t active
what can I do?
I provided logs there but all I can do is quoting my mail because this is a public forum

Windows 8.1 64bit

browser wallet was created on 24/01/2021, 17:09:48 and verified in about a day I guess… I don’t remember having to wait
as I mentioned - I was able to transfer money to uphold once and some other times small amounts were transferred to but several times my BAT was either halved or taken out without auto-contribution on
I don’t use a VPN
I’m from Poland which is supported
and I use a desktop app
I have a browser on my android phone but I almost never use it

hope to hear from you soon

Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

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