BAT is reduced from estimated earning

Just this morning my bat got reduced from estimated earnings and is only left with 2.1 bat while before I had around 3.87 bats.

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same experiences here

If it is setup for trading by the issuer then it is very possible that it is shrinking and growing . Can you move it to a different Wallet?

Its currently on estimated pending reward so i can’t do anything with it except wait for the next payment date.

did you get your bat back?

i had 5.2 bat, but 14 mins ago it just went to 0.87 bat. I didnt even update or do anything to change this. Just watching some yt; opened a new tab and saw the reduction + Last months hasnt been paid

No - but have a theory. Sin’s payments are made some days into the next month, earnings from let’s say the 1.-5. is calculated in last month’s payments and therefore deducted from this month expected earnings.

My May payment was lager then the saldo on the 30/4 I am pretty sure. Some clearer communication on this from Brave will mitigate a lot of frustration in the community.

same here was just randomly checking different tabs and suddenly saw the amount of bat drop. first, thought it was due to refresh issues but later on its permanent after the refreshing was done too.

I have noticed the payout is always significantly less than the estimate. Suggesting the estimation algorithm is (a) inaccurate (b) biased to reduce payouts.

Is there any moderator or admin here to assist?

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