BAT is in browser but won't show up in connected Uphold wallet

  1. I’ve got 53.160 BAT that just isn’t in my connected Uphold wallet.

Expected result: I would like my BAT

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hello @angelinblackink

is that the first time you link your wallet with uphold? if yes then it will show up on the next payment day starting from 5th of the next month it could take around week or something to pay all users

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

No, it is not the first time I linked a wallet. In fact, before it was working just fine.

@angelinblackink Brave is not paying the rewards … We have people who haven’t been paid for more than 6 months. They say “it is a known problem” … This is the only answer they give you and they have been doing it for months and they do not solve anything. They will ask you to send some information about your wallet and blah blah blah … In the end you receive nothing.

let me ask @steeven from the team to help you with that and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re over your device linked limit to uphold, you can only have 4 and they re permanent, additional devices won’t work with uphold after you hit your cap with them

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@structdjm I understand that … and how do you disconnect the devices you no longer use ?? Shouldn’t Brave find a solution to this ?? As you should know, everyone cleans the pc from time to time, or change phone … How do we do ??

You cannot unkink, these are upholds conditions

@justsomeone1 @angelinblackink good luck talking to steeven … i’ve talked to him a few times and the answer is always the same … “this is a known problem and is being solved” … "send a private message with your Brave’s data wallet "… If you receive a different answer please let me know …

@structdjm So you just gave me reason … We have BAT to receive and Brave does not pay … Nobody can have only 4 devices connected in their entire life. Everyone changes the phone. This is simply a “trap” for not paying you. This is a problem that would be easy to solve … but there is no interest, the idea is not to pay.

what about giving unlimited connected device i would created many profile and start harvest the ads which that would make the advertiser happy then they will stop promote thier ads on the system then no one will get ads ever again
cause of some people spam the system

We should have the option to remove a device at least once a month, I agree :100: but I believe this is upholds policy, brave is giving us another option soon for verification and linked devices with gemini, hopefully we can unlink devices there

@justsomeone1 How about creating a user profile where each one of us could choose the devices we want to have connected (up to a maximum of 4) ?? Where we only could change the devices at the end of each month ?? Wouldn’t it be easy to solve ?? Is it that hard? !!

what about create 8 profile i link 4 this month and i get payed next month i link it to the another 4 (notice the other 4 did not sync with uphold for the first month but i still get bat on my built in wallet) then this next month i get for 2 months for those new 4 profiles and i keep do that so many times so each month i get payed for double of the 4 profile limit
now scall that for 12 then i will get paid for 3x the amount and so on

i agree that there should be way to disconnect certain wallet but it should be built in a way to reduce the harvest guys

for gemini it already avilable for publisher right now

in the future they maybe do more option

not sure what it could be but i hope to be full built in wallet or at least the option to link our built in wallet with whatever we choose so just insert our wallet address and it work
that just my hope but not sure what they going to do

@justsomeone1 You’re just a person. The account will have to be verified with personal documents … How are you going to create 8 accounts at the same time ?? That is impossible … Unless you do it on name of other people, but that you can do it now …

4 profile mean 4 browser profile not 4 uphold account

@angelinblackink @BSCUNHA - this is a known problem, and I assure you that the team is working on a fix for it right now. Hoping to have more info on it tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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consider yourself lucky. when I synced with uphold the BAT got deleted out of my brave wallet. and brave hasnt helped me at all so far.

I just went over the bat roadmap 2, and if we can get a way to hold our own private keys privately (i.e. without anyone else owning them) and NOT critically depend on brave or, more especially, uphold for crypto assets, then --frankly-- the privacy features alone in brave are worth keeping around until everything is done right…

I’ll be checking back… @steeven! Godspeed…

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