BAT has not been transferred to my uphold account

Hi!, since the 6th of last month I have listed the BATs in the part of brave://rewards but they are not credited to my uphold wallet.


I am having same problem, after one month I claimed rewards, it’s showing in Brave but not in uphold account.

Hi @TomasDm - payments are still processing - MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. They will be processing through tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

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Ok, thanks for answer!

hi date 7 AUGUST no rewards credited to my uphold account?
unreal everything is up to date, by the looks of what i am seeing its being carried over to SEPTEMBERS rewards why?. its bad enough that i cannot collect from iphone but to not give from computer is not on, what on earth is happening here please.

Hey, payments are still in processing mode from brave end. many of the users are facing this late payout issue. Be patience for a while as the brave support people also reporting that this processing make take a day or a couple of days.

fyi, you can go through the below link:

Hope for the best :blush::blush:

i actually did read that thank you, but there is now constant problems with rewards why i know not.
never used to be everything used to run smoothly, and as for patience do you think i have not been patient? well for sure i have many months of earned BAT stuck on mobile to never see a UPHOLD wallet WHY ? i do not know or understand to be honest, as i use uphold to buy and sell from my phone no issues at all so why is BAT any different especially as they use UPHOLD thank you for your reply and link

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Since morning I’ve seen many posts related to Aug 5th payout. So I’m giving the same reply what the brave support team is giving on that link.

  • I think last month they have started providing the access for mobile devices to connect uphold and unless they have more than 25BAT in the browser. If you have more than 25BAT but still not the payout got successful then something fishy is happening there…

If you know the above info, please ignore it. :handshake::handshake:

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I haven’t received my brave rewards either and here it is August 8. Last payout I received was over a month ago.

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