BAT generated by ads absent in uphold account


I would like to contact you because I do not understand why my BAT generated by the ads does not appear in my UPHOLD account.

in Brave Browser I have accumulated a number of BAT but in Brave rewards creator I am at 0 BAT! Why ?

Hello @Kooroshtux,
Thank you for reaching out.
As of this time, BAT ad earnings payouts + bonuses should have gone out – you should see a notification in Brave Rewards to claim your earnings for the previous month plus your bonus.

Please go into brave://rewards or click the BAT logo on the right of your URL and check if you see a “Claim Ad Earnings” notification. In brave://rewards, it should be a button above your wallet balance in the top right.

If you are not seeing anything to claim, kindly try restarting your Brave browser first.

If that does not make the claim button appear, can you please reply here and let me know (also kindly!):

  1. What version of Brave you are on (brave://help)?
  2. What platform/OS you are on
  3. Approximately when you started using Brave Rewards & Brave Ads? That is, when you first enabled it?

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