BAT from October still missing and Brave support wont't answer my emails

It’s being 10 days since I wrote Brave support asking for the BAT I’m owed from October.
(ticket number 165677). To this day I got not reply from Brave support and my BAT is still missing.

What is going on here?

…and yes I checked all required boxes already: OS version, latest version of Brave browser, verified with Gemini date, etc.

Probably because they’re overloaded with tickets. They get a lot of tickets during this part of the month. @SaltyBanana please look into this. Thanks!

…and probably because they are not handling the rewards system properly. I don’t have to waste my time every month writing tickets for the same issues over and over again.
Fix this or you may have to find another job, word spreads quickly!

Hi @cryptouser21

Apologies for the delay, we are working through several tickets at the moment and this could lead to slow reponse time.
You should now be good to go without any issues.


Responded to ticket