BAT from my mobile browser not getting transferred to my uphold account

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Description of the issue:
The BAT collected by viewing ads are not getting transferred to my uphold account, whereas the BAT from my laptop gets transferred easily, and automatically. I’m a verified uphold account holder.
Moreover, the total BAT collection is different in my PC and my mobile.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 6T

Aajayenge bats uphold me sabar karo jara itni kya jaldi hai tumhe?

Google translator :- Will try to have patience in the bats subdivision, what is the hurry?

Ye post padho jara :point_right::point_right::point_right: September Brave Ads Payout Status

Bro, I’m waiting only, last month also 11.750 bat didn’t get transferred, but the bat from my laptop browser got transferred.
Same happened this month, the Bat got transferred from my laptop browser but 14.00 Bat from my mobile browser is just getting accumulated but not getting transferred to uphold.

Same problem, plzz tell solution for this

Honestly I’m having the same issues here , please how can I link my mobile brave Browser App to my Uphold wallet ?

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