BAT from brave rewards creator


I received my paiment on braver rewards creator (232.04BAT).
At least, I think it’s ok till it’s written " BALANCE 232.04 BAT ; Next Deposit Date: April 13th"
But it’s not showing up on my uphold account, even if it is allready linked and connected to my uphold account.
Is there something I am missing, or something I should do ?
Actually I can’t do anything, and withdraw em, or whatever !

I have contacted uphold support, and they told me to create a request here !

Thanks in advance for your help !

Best Regards,


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I have no idea if it’s from uphold, or Creators, to be honest.
Uphold support just answer with a c/c answer to tell me I should ask creator…
As you said, it’s really frustrating, I waited 5 month maybe with “payout in progress”, and now it’s done it’s still not possible to do something with it !

Hi @Inferno114, please see Creators Payout Issue (March 2022).

@Inferno114 can you DM me the email linked to your Creators account?

Thanks for your reply, just DM you my email !

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