BAT Farmer or scammer (might not be) contacted me on this forum for tipping me his BAT

As said in title, a BAT farmer or scammer (might not be) contacted me few hours back via private message to tip me as I am verified creator with website. Then I will give his BAT to back to him and me taking 20% as commission (his proposal).

The individual has youtube and twitter verified with 20 subs on youtube and 10 followers on twitter respectively. 8-9 videos on youtube with at max 20 views at a video. 7-8 twitter post with no induvial likes). But somehow from his previous post I saw that he has 110 BAT stuck in a creators account.

His creators account likely seems suspended as his new BAT ‘tip’ are not getting deposited in uphold.

He asked me to that whether he can tip me very large amount of BAT. He also noted in his first message to me that he gets 30-40 BAT per month from tips ( he has only 30 followers after combining his youtube and twitter)

I would have helped him if he were a legitimate creator but he seemed too suspicious. Or even a normal brave/bat user who reached his 4 device uphold/gemini limit and tried to tip me. (though there is a way to remove a verified device by a process. I asked him these questions about how he got this BAT and he avoided answering it. Said that he will ask someone else.

@Mattches @Steeven. Do look into this guy. I will give you guys his ID via Private DM to look into him as releasing it publicly might be considered as doxing.
(@fanboynz notified fanboynz too as your timezone is different than those two)

(Above post is made on personal judgement and might be wrong. The individual might not be whom I think he is. But, it would be good if he was looked into.)


What’s the point of “laundering” BAT?

I have edited the post title. Didn’t exactly mean laundering but getting him the stuck BAT to him.

I wasn’t being critical with your post or title. Just wondering what is wrong with his suggestion as it’s his /her BAT - despite being stuck on his browser - so he /she is free to trade with anyone that agrees to it.

Though I can understand that you are second guessing this proposition, as you might not want to get scammed. :sweat_smile:

Do read the articles about how turkish twitch streamers were ‘allegedly’ caught laundering money from stolen credit cards via twitch donations and bits and taking cut of 20% from laundered money.

The thing I am not gonna get scammed any how as he is sending the BAT to me not vice versa. So my money is not involved in this proposition anyhow. I did not make this post as I thought I am gonna get scammed somehow.

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Well, I am aware of money laundering. But - as far as I know - Twitch isn’t based around blockchain or crypto and its transactions are purely on FIAT. So the money laundering scheme may work on it.

Not sure how this would be implemented with cryptos / BAT in particular. Because they usually wouldn’t need an outside party for the transaction. They could just choose a DEX or CEX and pump their crypto into the market and exchange them for something else.

I might be wrong though. Pretty new to that myself. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please send me a DM with the user name of the person who contact you, as well as a screenshot of their message(s) if possible?

Thank you.

I have Dm’ed you with his ID and proof.
Do look into it as he said he is gonna contact other brave/bat users.

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