BAT failed on the fundamentals

The February payout has never been credited. No one at Brave Rewards’ taking responsibility. Communication’s been scarce and tightly controlled. Neither reason nor payment calendar was provided. It doesn’t inspire confidence in Brave and the BAT model.

Considering that there’s no visible interest in solving the issue, and that rewards are financially close to being worthless and unusable, I’m going to wait to see if the March payout is made (together with the one from February). If not, I’ll get out of the rewards program altogether as it’s not worth the time.

If this biz was regulated, the guys at Brave rewards would have been in panic mode to get back into compliance and avoid class action lawsuits.

My supermarket rewards account has utility. So did the corona-vouchers emitted by local authorities during the pandemic in support of local businesses. Crypto has a lot to offer, but this isn’t going to cut it. Not at this stage. I’m confident it will be in another form.


That’s not to the point Brave. Nothing works. Neither the advertisements nor the relationship with Uphold and the wallet.
Well, I still stay a little on Brave for fun. I no longer rely on his BAT. Brave is not on point.

Hi @stdvbox, please see my reply to your DM.

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