BAT earning on backdrop ads

Hi folks, i have been using this amazing Brave Browser since more than a year now from Feb of 2020.

I had installed the Brave Browser when i was back in USA in 2020 and then moved back to India in July of 2020. I understand that you get rewarded for the backdrop ads that appears on the browser homepage. (please refer below screenshot)

However, since past few months i’m not being credited with any ads rewards for this backdrop advertainment. Not sure the reason for the same. Does anyone know the reason for not being rewarded for backdrop ads and know how to Fix this so that the rewards are turned ON again for viewing backdrop ads.

I did a bit digging and observed that my laptop brave browser components which show that the Sponsored image is with “US” location (please see below snapshot). However i’m now situated in India.

Also, i check the Brave ads catalog viewer on which show my region as India (IN)

Thank you for any Help or insight. Have a wonderful day.

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since past few months i’m not being
credited with any ads rewards for this backdrop

Windows 7.
Brave version:
Version 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My Uphold wallet is not yet verified, and I have been an active
Brave user over a year
any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!



I’m experiencing exactly the same as @ceec, but on windows 10.
I had the issue last month, and tried reinstalling brave. That fixed the issue temporarily. Now, 27 ads later with the new install of Brave, the issue is back.
I am being fed 5 ads an hour but not a single one is registered in brave rewards (“Ads received this month”), which to say the least does not inspire confidence in the setup.

Would be great to hear a fix for this, or at the very least a way to troubleshoot when receiving ads but not being credited.


I have same issue, i got 25 ads after fresh reinstall then stopped ads.


Try reinstalling the browser and then also check on other devices like mobile phone and other laptop/computer.

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