BAt earned reduced also ads are reset to 0

I have been using brave for quite a long time now. And currently its version is- [Version 1.10.93 Chromium: 83.0.4103.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)] .On 21 June 2020, My BAT earning was something around 18 and ads count was 280s but then in evening my BAT reduced to 11 BAT and ads count to 0. Here this should be mentioned that i had upgraded brave to this version few days earlier and this happened long after updating. So am i missing somethings or this is a bug which needs to be fixed positively.

This happened to me a few months ago. I didn’t do anything hoping they would re-appear. … They didn’t

Thank you for reporting! Please DM me your Rewards Internals (brave://rewards-internals/), OS, Brave version and a screenshot of your Rewards panel. This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

@steeven Check ur DM

Hi @steeven I have also faced this issue
Have sent Screenshots, brave-rewards-internal and crash report

My brave browser crashed as soon as I launched and after that my BAT were reduced to that previous days

Please check and let me know
Thank you

Thank you @steeven I’ve recieved mine Lost BAT
keep up the good work

Thanks @steeven sorry for late reply but I’ve received my lost BAT

I’ve not received mine?