BAT earned is not = to BAT paid (amount able to be claimed) for at least 4th month in a row - I think much longer but I dnd't know exactly what was happening b4

I’m running the latest Brave software on a Linux (Kubuntu) system. Almost every month I earn more BAT than what I can claim, sometimes I can claim less than 50% of what I earned, like Nov where I was at 11.25 BAT IIRC on 11-28 or 11-29. I was only able to claim 5.25 which seems to be the magic number I’m allowed to claim b/c the same happened for Dec & I could again only claim 5.25!!!
When I check my account statement, it STILL says I earned 10+ BAT, but that wasn’t what I was able to claim for some reason.

Now I KNOW this has been happening since at LEAST April/May of last year, but I thought i had been doing something wrong - but I ensured Tips & recurring payments/tips was turned off. I use another account (machine) to tip my creator sites b/c I need 2 figure out why this is happening on THIS machine & my cell phone (android) which is having the same problem, but at much smaller levels (max of 2 BAT / month).

Where can I report this? We need to get people to report all this in one place, so we, as users, can see what is going on.

I like this browser, but I know a good number of people who have left b/c of all the problems claiming BAT & creators chased away b/c they are afraid they won’t get paid what they are supposed to be paid.

I also have this problem. The amount of BATs that I actually get to claim is different from what I earn through the month. Sent a message with details to Support five days ago and so far no response.

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