BAT earned amount keeps changing daily & not showing up. ZERO BAT in my wallet

The Brave Rewards dashboard shows I am earning tokens but the amount changes from one day to the next. I still have ZERO BAT in my wallet. What is going on? I have an uphold account but no BAT to transfer. WHY am I not getting the BAT I earned?

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BAT is paid out on a monthly basis – for any BAT earned through viewing ads, you’ll receive a payout on the 5th of each month. Your wallet will ready 0.0 BAT until you receive your payout for that month, at which point the number will change to the amount you’ve earned.

I have 3 devices syncing to Brave. I have claimed rewards. My laptop rewards still read ZERO (with 1.680BAT pending). My phone reads 0.750 BAT (with 0.150 BAT pending. And, my PC reads 0.50 BAT (with 0.80 pending) and my uphold account says 0.50 BAT. Only my PC wallet is verified. Brave won’t let me verify on my laptop or phone. When I click the login button on my laptop it does not redirect to allow me to login to my uphold account. I have to login in to uphold in a different tab. When I click the verify wallet button on my phone, it does nothing. I don’t know if there is a syncing problem or if I need to create a local wallet for each device. I don’t even know what my seed phrase is on my pc…only my password.

I will clarify the last part about not able to verify uphold on your phone in your comment. The thing is, to verify your uphold wallet on your phone… You will need a minimum of 25 bat. So, check verifying your uphold accnt on your phone after having 25 bat on tour local wallet of your phone

Also, about the amount changing in your dashboard… The amount of bat tokens you earn will increase. But, their value in USD may increase or decrease according to the value of bat in the market. So, if you were confused about your amount in dollars decreasing, don’t worry.

Yes, I understand the dollar value will change as the value of BAT changes. It’s just that the amount shown is different on my 3 different synced devices for the same account Thanks.

I see where it says I have to have 25 BAT to create an Uphold account/ But, I was able to create an Uphold account and link it to my Brave Rewards. So, why won’t my already created Uphold account verify on my laptop or phone BUT is verified on my PC? (Same account)? It doesn’t make sense that I am verified only on one of my devices.

Actually, i did not understand your problem.

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