BAT draining with no destination

Good morning, I’ve had the ads and BAT system turned on for awhile now, accrued maybe 8 BAT total over about 3 months, so not much. But I have not received ANY of them. They all disappear from my Brave Rewards with no notice on a completely random day. My uphold wallet isn’t verified, not my fault as I’ve been waiting for it to verify since before I turned the ads on. Where are my BAT/ why are they disappearing for seemingly no reason?

It seems to me that you may have the auto-contribution feature enabled :thinking:

  1. It is off, I made sure of that when I first signed up for brave rewards bc nobody I would support were also signed up, 2. If nobody is designated to receive contributions, even if it is turned on, then where do they go? I have to put someone as a receiver which I have explicitly never done for the reason stated above

Send a dm to steeven a

thank you very much.

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