BAT & Downloaded Files all gone even though App Data wasn't deleted

Google Play recommended to delete some apps to free up some space (since only ~500MB left), & I only picked OfficeSuite but Google Play failed to delete it. I turned off my phone a bit (not the restart) so that Google Services’ app size would shrink as it has always been. When I turned it on, I was surprised the free space was 3.3GB (several apps were lost, but OfficeSuite that I chose to delete remained).

Brave was among the deleted apps. Since I immediately turned off my phone, no way I could’ve deleted Brave’s app data (& to begin, I had no plans on deleting it or even the app itself since I had 23-25 BATs there & lots of important downloaded files).

I’m quite sure I didn’t choose Brave to delete via Google Play’s recommendations, but even if we assume I accidentally chose it, how come App Data was also deleted?

Does Brave have NO safeguards to retain App Data when the App is uninstalled for whatever reason?
If there is, how can the BAT & downloaded files be retrieved?
If none, then please update Brave to have such safeguards to retain Downloaded Files & BAT data (aside from via custodial wallet) even when uninstalled. The lost downloaded files were too many as they were an accumulation since 2020.

I tried searching my file manager if there were any files that could’ve be my downloaded files but there were none.

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