BAT does not increase

Can you help me?
I have been using Brave on my professional PC for +/- 6 months, and have only received 0.4 BAT for April, since nothing.
By cons I use it on my private PC for 1 month and I already have more than 1.2 BAT in 1 month …
While I use my private PC 2h week against 50h with the professional.
Is there something blocking on my professional PC?

Thank you

Can you please explain the term “Professional”?

Does it mean:

  • PC that was owned by you and used primarily for serious work without unnecessary apps and services installed.
  • PC that was owned by a company/organization and used for office work only.

nothing different from the private PC. Simply to say that I use the PC pro from morning to evening, and that the private only 2 hours a week …

Can you help me ?
To put it simply, brave on one of my PCs, has not given BAT for months, while I use it 8 hours a day.
Thank you

There can be something that is blocking your ads. Below is a thread which I think will solve the problem you are facing.

To get more information on how Brave Ads work and how are you getting rewarded from it, check this thread out.

The frequency of ads also depends on the region you are in. For information on your region check this article.

Thank you very much, just Brave notifications was turned off.

Have a nive day.