BAT dissapeared again

How come Brave didi again. Everytime I get to the amount of 7.XXX BAT, Brave drops off the amount to 3.XXX BAT. That has happened 4 times since April. It’s impossible to reach 25.000 BATs because of this issue. I have 11.319 BATs, instead of having at leat 30.XXX BATs. No wonder how can I withdraw them if Brave doesn’t let me get to 25.000 BATs.

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I believe that minimum has been reduced now to 15 for mobil versions. If you have desktop versions the minimum might be less or no minimum but you can also make an Uphold account and then connect it. Also the sudden reduction (at least for today) may be due to this: Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27

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Thank you very much. I already have an Uphold account. I’m gonna try to make a withdrawal.


Same here. I only had about 38BAT or so, but it disappeared and I’m starting to accumulate from ) again. I have an UPHOLD account, but the BAT hasn’t appeared there.

I use BRAVE on my desktop and laptop too…could this be part of the problem?

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