BAT Disparity between reward summary and wallet amount

Can anyone help me understand why the amount of BAT (9.9) displayed at the top, is different than what is displayed below (19.3 BAT)

I have auto-contribute turned off, I haven’t made any tips, I haven’t withdrawn any BAT.

Hi @microplastic,

Welcome to community and thanks for writing in! I believe that it’s related to there being a week-long account freeze period between the 1st to 8th of every month. This freeze is necessary in order to properly process payouts. Any BAT earned during the freeze period will be rolled over to the following month’s payout. For example, if you got a bunch of referral downloads but a few didn’t reach “confirmed” status til the 5th, then you won’t get paid out for those specific referrals until the next month. The same goes for tips and contributions received during this time.

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