BAT disappeared!

I had around 5.8 BAT ready for payout.
But now ,on 1st day of new month (June) , it’s showing:-

Estimated earnings for this month (June):
2.086 BAT ?

My remaining BAT is not in payout as well !
I really don’t know what exactly is happening.

Pls tell me if anyone else is facing the same problem.


Benimde 3 telefondan 30 bats tokenim var 2.500 tahmini yataçak diyor acil yardım

This is normal. Of your 5.8 BAT, you appear to only be receiving around 3.7 BAT for your payment. The 2.036 or so that you see for Current earnings this month (estimated) is the balance that “rolled over.”

This happens when not all ads reconcile prior to the end of the month. As to the “missing” BAT, that’s what you’ll receive whenever your payment arrives (which is after the 8th of the month and can take a while to receive).

It might help you to read through the FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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I got the lost Bat back.
Now it’s showing the lost 3.81 BAT will arrive in 7 days.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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