[Bat Disappeared partially and not credited to BAT wallet]

[Bat Disappeared partially and not credited to BAT wallet]
i had 3.5 bad for like 1 month of use 31 december was the payout day . but i did no recive any bat to gemini yet .

  • my bat count is reseted
    i was waiting to get paid on my wallet and go back to windows 10 but now i cant because i dont know if im save to do that or i will lose my bad in pending or idk

Well my friend. There was just the monthly reset. Payout date is not on the 1st of the month. That is when the payment progress begins.
Now the hamsters at brave after clearing out your browser wallet have to bring the bats to their lair. There they sort it out.
Then around 7 to 12 days later, they will bring it to their winter nest. Some are nesting at uphold, some are nesting at gemini.

In simple terms. Your bats arrive at your custodian of choice probably around the 9th og the month. saome days later or early. But sometime around the 9th.

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