BAT disappeared from my estimated rewarsd

I had earned about 5 BAT but it suddenly disappeared yesterday.i didn’t contribute to tips or anything like that it just disappeared.i tried rebooting my phone but my BAT has not been restored.attached Is a picture of what I found from the 5 BAT I had earned.

kindly assist

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Hello @Hustle30

what is your brave version ?

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1.15.76 is the version I’m using

@tmancey could you check this

please notice it weekend so it will take time to get a response
and have a nice day both of you

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@Hustle30 could you please visit brave://rewards-internals and email your payment/wallet id to so that I can investigate further. Thank you, Terry

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@Hustle30 halo my friend.
Case 1:- Install latest version of app in Google Play Store…
If u installed latest version… It will recover 7-10 days.

Case 2:- I think u have used VPN… It will disappeared suddenly .but it will recovery within 7-10 days…

** don’t be tense **
It will be recovered…

not only you this problem has came to you :sweat_smile:

Mine also sam problem sir, how to fix?

@namikaze @Satru243

what is your brave version

I not having this issue right now. But I see many thread has talking about this issue

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