Bat Disappeared from Brave Rewards

I have used Brave for a while and got 16.8 BAT tokens from adds. 2 days ago they all disappeared. Now I am left with 3.1 .
What I did: I checked the version and it is V1.10.97 .
I restarted the browser to see if there is change, several times - no change.
I checked Uphold to see if there is something on hold there - nothing there.
My add count for this month are 357, so 3.1 BAT is a bit not right (i think).
I have not turned on Auto-Contribute this month.
It is not 1st of the month so, I don’t know what happened.
I see this happened for other users about the same time (~2 days ago.) and a couple of friends told me the same issue the same time.

Do BAT tokens expire?

Please advise and Thank You for Your time!

My points just disappeared again… 3.9 down to 0.8 … What…

Same here, showed I had 41 in browser, closed it and then reopened later and showed 20.5. Not sure if this has anything to do with what happened but just before this happened I installed Brave on my PC and verified wallet so it syncs with my uphold account I use on my mobile.

Did you address your issue to the Ads Blocking so far?

i reinstalled Brave yesterday because i was having some issues… after reinstalling… all my June BAT rewards are gone! i am connected to Uphold… please help!

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