BAT disapparead from wallet (again)



after an upgrade it is happened again

Same issue of Missed founds in brave wallet


Thanks for reporting. I’ve shared this with the team and we will investigate.



@chumkiu @LaurenWags, I can see the balance again on preferences#payments. Maybe glitch on Brave server? << I’m not sure what I’m talking about :smiley: but I can see the balance. :wink:


I was seeing some server errors, but I haven’t received confirmation that they’ve been completely solved yet. It’s definitely possible that you might see your balance now.

Thanks for checking!


@chumkiu - can you check now please? I have received word that the server errors are resolved.



Yes. The balance is correct now.
Some thing that I can do the next time? (see dev console, try something, check server status in a link etc.)


Not at the moment, but we are discussing a server status link. More to come on that as I have the info.

If it happens again before we have the link feel free to tag me in a post (either here or on twitter, I’m bravelaurenwags there: I’ll investigate and loop in the appropriate folks as soon as I can.


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