BAT Devaluation


I want to talk about something really shamy.
Why do Brave devaluate BAT.

I mean, now you need more ads to reach 1BAT.

As you can see, on my screenshot, this month I get more than 500 ads and still didn’t reach 4 BATS.

It’s a shame ! And I feel very Lucky to reach +500 a month, I’m sure that lot of People can’t even reach 100 ads a month.

So stop devaluation of BAT.

Just to get 1BAT you need more than 100 ads !
It’s huge ! 1 BAT is juste aprxmtly 0.50$…

How do you want to reward your users and to make them Happy with this big issue ?

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Brave does not control the value of BAT. That is determined by the market. You can see the current value here:

Well I’m not talking about BAT Value on market but on how much ads you need to get only 1 BAT. More than 100 believe me :wink:

That is also not controled by Brave. The advertisers are the ones who set the price per ad.

They should stop giving just a few if they want users to keep using this browser.
Or Brave should set a minimum value for ads they can’t go under.
As you can see on my screenshot +500 ads should be rewarded better than 3.5$…

If you keep 3$ a month… Sorry but it’s ridiculous.

The amount of BAT you get, is not relevant. You should understand that the advertisers are paying Brave in Fiat (USD/EUR or smth.). Everything that brave does on the 9th for payouts is, checking which fiat-value the ads had which you watched, and than converting that into BAT using the current market price. So if you earned 1$ in Ads, but 1 BAT is 5$, you will only get 1/5 BAT. Don’t see your payment in BAT, look as it as Fiat.

(and as @rosiecar already said, the price is controlled by the market, not by brave, so your BAT amount is not in their hand.)

maybe you understand it more with my example, when i started using brave, BAT was that low that i earned 15-30 BAT / month, but back than it was still just 2$-6$, so it doesnt matter

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Where is Brave going to get more BAT to give you? They don’t pull BAT out of thin air. Advertisers pay Brave for advertising, and then Brave distributes 70% of the advertising revenue to users based on the number and type of ads they received.

The system is not designed for users to get rich, or even to earn a living. The Brave browser doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of paying people BAT rewards. It is, first and foremost, a browser that protects users’ privacy. Brave Rewards are just the icing on the cake. Be grateful you get anything at all, instead of Brave keeping all of the advertising revenue for itself like other browsers do.

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$3 a month x 12 months-$36
lets say you used for two years since released thats a nice $72. and this doesnt factor in that BAT is up about %200 in 2 years–so potentially you $216 for doing nothing besides surfing the web. ALso any awards of 30 BAT you got , or 5 from Gemini linking increased your earnings for doing nothing. You wont get rich but earning even $36 a year off BAT if around for a long time, with gains like we seen in the coin, is more than wortwhile. Plus supporting a great idea

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How do I qualify for the extra rewards that Brave sometimes issue,?

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