BAT desapeared after disconnecting from uphold

Hello, a few days ago after creating and verifying my uphold account I was able to connect my brave browser with my wallet. I received an email from uphold that they can not offer me an account, with no more explanation, so I decided to disconnect my wallet from brave, but now all the BATs I had are gone.
Someone else had this issue? How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Problem “solved”. The BATs where saved in my uphold wallet even I never transfer them to uphold from brave, I just verified my account.
Anyway, for withdrawing my BATs they forced me to connect my bank account to uphold, and then install another app to enable 2 factor authentication. All this for just 15€!!!
For a browser that claims to be respectful for user privacy having such a partner as uphold is a shame, not only for the lack of user privacy in uphold asking for biometrics for just verifying your account, but after that the service offered is really poor.
Note: Even after sending all personal data to uphold they refused to give me an account, and now they have my data for 5 years!
I have just sent a request to delete all my account information.

I will keep using Brave for now, but for me they lost a lot of reputation being in partnership with uphold.


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