Bat Credits Lost

My usage of Brave browser will be over in two weeks to one month. I have only earned I think at least 7 Bats and was able to use $8 from it. Why I will quit and change to another browser: Couple of reasons:

  1. Unexplained losing brave rewards
  2. The value proposition of using the Brave browser such as privacy, being paid to view ads, crumbles because of #1. If we see Google et. al. are using you(Data) to monetize, #1 is just another method of using you. There is no difference.
    But at least for google and facebook, they already told you that they will monetize your data in exchange for online services. Here, if you lost your brave rewards(mine is just over 3 Bats but suddenly it was cut to like 1.9 Bat), it is upfront stealing regardless of the underlying reason.

Why not quit immediately? Well, I am giving more time to the Brave browser and taking more data just to make sure my observations are correct.

(Edit: I already message Brave support for this problem before publishing this topic)
(Edited for clarity)

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