BAT conversion still running


The “Payments” section of my Brave browser shows:

Please wait while we convert your Bitcoin to BAT.
This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, due to the Bitcoin transaction confirmation process, and will continue normally even if you quit Brave.

It’s been like this for months now. Periodically, the browser says “Your contribution of 5 USD has been processed. Thanks for supporting your favorite websites!”. This happens both on my MacOS browser and my Windows browser.

What’s going on, and how can I get my Payments screen back?


Hi @andomar

Did you have a BTC wallet with a balance prior to converting on each machine? If so, do you have the BTC recovery keys for both machines?



Hi @LaurenWags,

Yes, back at the start of the year I transferred some money.

Sent March 3 @ 04:48 PM
To: 3H3TTEVrSUvKMm3txm2LrBFWgegnQUwE5n
From to MacOS Brave browser
16,738 bits

Sent February 21 @ 01:35 PM
To: 38WNaVbg93HX63zHuhYHH96RByBT6B1BYB
Brave browser
24,068.4 bits

I seem to have stored recovery keys for one of the two browsers back. I’m pretty sure I would have saved them before the BAT conversion if the Brave Browser had asked me to.

Kind Regards,


Great, please check for those keys @andomar and private message them to me once you have them. We’ll go from there to get you fixed up.


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