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I started using brave about one month ago and saw the contribute to the creators. Got free 30bat, but since then, none of the money went to anyone. First it said it will contribute on the 9th of january, nothing happened. Now it said that it will happen 12th, but still nothing happened. And now it is saying that it will contribute on the 19th. Maybe something is stuck? The creators I choose are verified


This issue was actually addressed and resolved in another post created here:

However, make sure to check the clock symbol in the upper right hand corner of the payment section in your preferences. This will will let you know where your funds went to:

If you see your channel or website on the list that have received funds then make sure that it’s verified in order to receive those funds. If it’s not verified then you will need to become a publisher, and get verified to receive those funds. You can start this process here

The general turn around time for funds to be distributed could take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks, however they’re generally distributed at the end of the month. If you didn’t receive your funds as was my case then you can always contact customer support. Funds over $100 are sent out automatically. Funds below $100 but over $10 may require you to contact customer support in order for you to receive assuming they didn’t come in towards the end of the month.

I hope that helps.


I didn’t find the support email and also the money didn’t go through yet. The contribution date still goes to a further date every time it reaches the day. And now it’s saying that the next contribution will happen on 19th of february


Hi @tautvilis

When you look at the sites on the Payments page, for all sites that are included (pinned and not pinned) does the ‘Time Spent’ column add up to at least 30 minutes?




Yes it does, even the site I want to give money to, has 34minuntes.


Great. Next question - have you restored your wallet at all? Meaning, if you go to the gear icon and click on ‘backup your wallet’ do you see your words or ‘a’? (note, if you see words don’t post them here, I just want to know if you see them)



@laurenwags I see words


Did you claim some of the free BAT that we are giving away? If so, know that you must wait 30 days prior to using that BAT to contribute to sites, so that could be why your date moved.



I claimed the bat on the 6th of december, so more than a month passed and BAT didn’t go. Recently I claimed more of them, but still the same thing is happening


Do you have a ‘clock’ icon next to the gear icon on the Payments page? Are you able to click on it?



I have it, but I’m not able to click it.


@tautvilis would you be willing to share a screenshot of your Payments page? You can private message it to me, you do not need to post it publicly.


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