BAT coins to INR withdraw

I’ve been using Brave for 2 years and have received many rewards, I’ve tried to withdraw the money from uphold but it doesn’t support my card. Are there any other options to withdraw money?
Thanks in advance.

Basically, from Uphold you can send it to anywhere – other exchange that support your card, etc. As Uphold support various ways to withdraw – bank account/crypto address.

I too am from India, and I withdraw from the following ways:

I have an account in CoinSwitch and I send all my BATs from my Uphold Account to the CoinSwitch account. [Convert BAT to XRP to avoid tax]

I can then withdraw the BATs to INR.

(You can register in WazirX too if you don’t want CoinSwitch)

Thanks for the steps. But I don’t have Visa or Mastercard. So what to do then?

You don’t need Visa or Mastercard. From CoinSwitch account, you can directly withdraw to your Bank account…

It will require your Bank Number which you can find in your Passbook.

But for using Uphold it is required.

What? No…

What are you talking about? Can you send a Screenshot? You don’t need a Card to send Crypto to Coinswitch…

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Brave Browser”
  3. Click “Send to Cryptocurrency or Utility Tokens”
  4. Select XRP from the list
  5. Open CoinSwitch app and select XRP and click on top-right icon to get the payment address.
  6. In Uphold, enter your Destination Address and the Destination Tag you get from the app.
  7. Click on amount and enter the amount of BAT you want to withdraw
  8. Click Confirm.

Wohoooo, your BAT will be converted into XRP and sent to your CoinSwitch app.

I think you were trying to withdraw the BATs directly from Uphold Account which won’t work since it only works with American Cards.

With my method you won’t need any cards.

Sure thanks @ItzMeRajat. I’ll use your method and let you know.

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But before doing everything, things to make sure:

  1. First download CoinSwitch and get Verified.
  2. Make sure you enter the perfect Destination ID
  3. Firstly, just send a small amount of BAT to test it out, if it works, send the rest of BATs…

I have cointswitch and verified my account too.

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Great! Go ahead with it.

If you face any issues, send me a reply. I will look at it.
[Also send Screenshots as it will make it quick.]

I saw, that you had made my post as “Solution”

So is it done?

No actually I thought it would help others. My will take time.

Ohh ok, do let me know when you do do it… :slight_smile:

Yeah sure. I’ll let you know. Thanks again.

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Hey, @ItzMeRajat my process will take much time. Till that this issue will be closed and I won’t be able to follow you. So can you provide any social media links to connect with you?

It is all good :slight_smile:

I was asking that so if you face any issues, I could help you!


Actually I will have some questions related to it also my steps aren’t completed. So it would be great if we can contact on Linkedin too.

Ohh, I don’t use Linkedin.

I do use Discord or even Instagram if you do want to contact me…