BAT Coins not shown up in wallet -Linux Mint


I transferred $6 in ETH and it did not show up in my BAT balance.
What can i do?


Hi @sal0hc1n

Our wallet parter, Uphold, is seeing delays in processing due to high volume of traffic. I would suggest waiting a bit or you could navigate to ~/.config/brave and open your ledger-state.json file (just use a text editor, you will not be making any changes), locate your paymentId and private message that to me please. I can ask a teammate to review server-side.



I checked and they are there :heart_eyes: ! Thank You very Much :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks for reporting back @sal0hc1n :slight_smile:

Going to close this thread, let us know if you have other issues or questions in a new one.


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