BAT Coins not shown up in wallet - How to recover coins - send them out?


I sent over 1000 BAT coins to my browser wallet. They have shown up yet (Only been 24 hours, slightly worried). The transaction ID shows this transaction went through.

Now if I wanted them back, I saw this in the FAQ:

Which states I will not be able to send BAT fund out of my wallet.

So If I am dead in the water for a pretty significant amount of BAT… What are my real options of getting them back?

Registering my own business website with Brave and “paying” myself back by watching my own content?
(btw thats if they show up in my wallet)

I do have my recovery code… and since its based on ETH… is that an ETH recovery code? I noticed when I looked up the txid it was an ETH based transaction.
Couldn’t I sell my BAT for ETH? Why not?

What are my options?

  • David


Hi @davidhpictures

What is your OS? I’d like to provide instructions for obtaining additional information which can be used for research on our side as to why you’re not seeing your balance.

As you saw in the FAQ, the wallet is currently uni-directional. Here is a post with some additional information:



Osx 10.10.5

  • David


Hi @davidhpictures

Could you please navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/brave and open ledger-state.json file (you can just use a text editor to view this file, you won’t be saving any changes to it). Please locate ‘paymentId’ and private message that when you get the chance.


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