Bat claimed but not received

i claimed my bat tokens today but they were not credited in my wallet. i have unverified wallets both in my android phone and windows laptop. please help @steeven or @Mattches .
thank you.

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I’m too. I didn’t receive rewards.

Also on Windows didn’t receive rewards, but claimed.

Same here, verified Gemini wallet on Android. I claimed it but an error came up and I’ve receiving nothing.

Claiming the BAT with my verified Gemini wallet on Windows didn’t give any problems though.

I havent received my brave rewards for the past many months, i am beginning to loose patience now, i would rather delete the app, i dont know if they are scamming in the name of brave rewards

This are this month’s rewards, it shows the same but never comes in the account

They’re not scamming. Sometimes problems occur with the distribution of the BAT, but it’s definitely not a scam - I can guarantee you that. I’ve recieved it every single month, it just didn’t always go as smooth as it’s supposed to.

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But i havent received anything in the last 4 months

I haven’t received them since march, and i have stopped tracking it ever since,

The current balance is still the same before March 2022. I haven’t received them in uphold either

Same issue here @steeven i clicked the claim button but didn’t receive anything and now button disappeared.
What can we do to get our rewards


How can you expect to receive in Uphold if your browsers says all “unverified”?
Btw, if you’d never received rewards at the end of the month I’d say it’s a safetynet issue, but in one of your screens there is a balance of 8 BAT, so it’s not this (unless it’s not the same phone).

Its the same phone, those 8 bats are from February, after march i haven’t received anything, and i tried to remove the uphold account last month to check if thats the issue, thats why it shows unverified

When you have claimed your rewards, did you received an error or it said tokens arrived?

It said nothing, it vanished after a while i clicked it, i did the same this time too, and here’s what is shows in the rewards section

This is what its showing now, that the tokens will arrive in 2 days, onse the countdown is over, nothing will happen, the balance will remain the same, i will upload the screenshot after 2 days, lets see what happens this time

Countdown is just an estimation of time, you say after clicking the button it vanished, no banner who says “Congrats! Your rewards are arrived”?

Yes exactly, i didn’t notice anything, if they have arrived my balance would be more then 8

The same. Not only on Android, but also on desktop

Me too @steeven @Mattches , please check this guys

Me paso lo mismo, hice click en el boton, aparecio un mensaje de error y el boton desaparecio

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Everyone got this problem, not brave version

I claimed my BAT on my desktop browser a couple days ago and it still hasnt showed up in my wallet…