BAT Basic Attention Token


HI all, i just want to know how i have to di for mining BAT (Basic Attention Token) coz i’m 2 months using Brave, but i looked in my wallet and i still didnt received nothing. Can someone explain me what i’ve to do for mine correctly?


Hi @Bruco, you do not need to mine BAT tokens as they cannot be mined anyway! The way you receive BAT tokens as a user is by earning them for any advertisements displayed to you. However, the portion of the platform (called “BAT Ads”) that displays ads to users within Brave, for example, has not been released yet. So, you’re doing nothing wrong—just a little early to the party :wink:.

Stay tuned. The target date for the first versions of BAT Ads will be the first half of this year (2018). See you there!

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