BAT balance was suspended, case opened, BAT restored and now it is suspended again! Please help!

Hi all,

A few months ago I had by BAT balance (about 385BAT) suspended becuase I was tipping my own Youtube channel. This was BEFORE they added the formal “no self tipping” policy so I opened an appeal ticket with Brave support.

It took support staff TWO MONTHS to reply to the ticket and when they finally did they agreed to release by BAT back to me.

That was 17 days ago when the 385BAT appeared back in my available balance, scheduled for the May pay-out.

Yesterday I looked to see where my BAT was because it wasn’t in my my Uphold yet and found they’ve suspended it again!!! The same balance!!!

The worst part of it is they flagged my appeal as “resolved” so I can’t update it with this problem and there is no way to open a new appeal or support ticket so I’m posting this here in hopes that someone from Brave Support will help me get my BAT back please!

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I’m sorry i can’t help you, I’m just another Brave user but that sounds TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS of them!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: If they continue doing stuff like that they’re gonna get a BAD REPUTATION! You have my sympathy (not that it’s gonna help much). If i were you I’d keep posting exactly what you wrote here in MANY different categories even if they’re not correct, to get as much attention as possible! All the best.

@Mattches, @steeven, @Asad :point_up_2:

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Can you start a DM here on Community between you, @Asad and myself? Within the message, make sure you include the information found in brave://rewards-internals.

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Can you help me sir. I am use brave browser and share my all friends and my family too. But my bat balance under suspend and am not get any bat. Help

@Mattches , @Asad

Hi guys - I sent you a DM a couple of weeks ago as requested and haven’t heard anything. Could you please advise?

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