BAT Balance Sent to Brave without permission/knowledge


Almost my whole balance from Uphold was sent to Brave without my knowledge.

Can anyone please help?


@auzzie.trader Most likely you left Auto Contribute on. The toggle for it is in your Rewards menu within Brave’s settings, brave://rewards

New Tab - Brave 11_13_2022 19_48_26

That said, it’s usually set to like 1 BAT per month on each browser it’s enabled. For your 12 BAT, would seem you did something else. Not sure what you would have had to adjust or sign up for on that. Not sure if you might have tipped someone?

In any case, I’d make sure you have auto contributions off. If you feel there’s an issue you need to discuss with someone from Brave regarding the matter, then you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket


Thanks @Saoiray . Contacted suported.

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