BAT balance on Uphold

It’s 2 months, I did not received my BATs on uphold, Brave wallet shows 20 BATs, but nothing on uphold… Since november 18 i did not received anything on my verified uphold account. Can someone help me please?)) Thanks.

Is this from free grants or ads earning?

It is referral grant, Brave ads are not supported in my country (I am from Georgia)

Can you elaborate more about this?

Your balance is shown on your brave://rewards wallet right?

Sorry for late answer, yes it is shown on brave wallet, but there is zero BAT on my account ( here are screenshots…

OK, thanks for the screenshot, @Alternator.

Your brave://rewards wallet have no connection with your creators account. It’s two different wallet for different purposes.

Your brave://wallet is user’s in-browser wallet – used to manage your balance for Brave Rewards (Auto-contribute, tipping, and Brave Ads)

While your creator account is to collect a contribution that you received from your fans/viewers/visitors.

That’s why you not see your BAT om you creator account.

Hello again,
Thanks for Your attention; I know about brave wallets, but I think I did not received payments for november and december 2019, see screenshots please. P.S. how can I cash-out BATs from brave wallet?

Hello again,
Could You check my last screenshots please? + I received 4.8 BATs on my publishers account yesterday…

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