BAT balance not synchronized between profiles and Uphold

I’m using Brave on Windows 10 with 3 different profiles, I enabled Rewards in all of them but for some reason they show different BAT balances and only one of them is reflected in Uphold.

I believe that all BAT should be synchronized and available in Uphold. How can I fix this?

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Thanks for reporting @daniellmiranda. What OS and Brave versions are your 3 wallets on?

Hi @steeven, thanks for the response. These 3 profiles, I’m using on Windows 10 2004 and Brave 1.12.114. I would like to add that I also installed Brave and enabled rewards on my notebook which uses PopOS 20.04 Linux yesterday. So I had 3 profiles and the problem was happening, but now I have 4 profiles.

I also would like to add that I formatted both of my PCs numerous times and installed Brave with rewards enabled in all of the new installations.

I don’t know if these details change something, but I think it makes more clear what kind of setup that I have.

@Mattches - are you able to take a look?

Can you confirm that all of the first 3 profiles were linked to the same Uphold account? Additionally, if you disconnect/reconnect the wallet, does the balance adjust itself?

I checked and yes, the first 3 profiles are linked to the same Uphold account.
I disconnected the wallets and this is the result:

Then I reconnected and they get back to the same balance as the first image.

Hi @Mattches, is everything ok? Do you have any updates about this problem?

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