BAT balance didnt appear on my account

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Hi I downloaded the brave browser app first before signing up for brave account. This January 5 I accumulated BAT token. It appear on my brave app but not in my account when i check online. How’s that… I want to withdraw my token to uphold but dont know how.

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Hi @jiezle,

Your brave://rewards wallet is a user’s in-browser wallet and have no connection with your creator account. It’s two separate wallet with different purposes. That’s why you not see it on your creator dashboard.

then how can i withdraw my BAT?

Withdrawal functionality is not available for mobile version. It’s coming.

For now you can keep it in your browser and wait until it’s implemented. But do note, if you uninstall Brave you may lose your BAT too because recovery keys also not yet implemented.

woaahh so sad…so I guess I’ll just use the bat to tip the websites that i visit


On my experience, transferring from BAT wallet to another BAT wallet only take a minute to an hour… With regards to brave rewards I can’t say since I haven’t redeem any BAT before

Hello @jiezle

How to find a user and creator dashboard or account? Thanks

Can you elaborate more about your question, @jpelaez-club? I’m not entirely sure about that

wow that’s very good recommendation thanks for sharing

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please check my attached picture…the first one is the creator wallet…you need to sign up via web…the 2nd one is the user wallet which you can found on the browser exactly (2nd picture)

Same issue with how i can solve

Hi there
I have kind of the same problem but is the opposite way
No BAT shows my Uphold account either

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