BAT Automatically sent to brave Software international

Hi, I have been experiencing an issue with my Uphold and Brace Browser since December 2021. On two occasions already, my BAT is being automatically sent to Brave Software International. On the 23rd December 2021, 10 BAT was sent, and then on the 24 January 2022, another 3 BAT was sent.

These transactions are done without my consent. I have checked all of my devices, and Auto-contribute is disabled and has always been disabled.

Please can someone assist me with this. I have seen many posts with people being refunded.

Most likely you will have to DM a Dev with some account info, and they can help you out from there. @steeven @SaltyBanana

Hi, thank you for your response. I will try that now.

I have tried to contact both Developers, however, I did not get a response. I understand that they may already be inundated with other issues. I will have to wait for a response.

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