Bat are getting deducted each hour

Description of the issue:
Hello, I’m Gaurav
I’m using Brave for almost a year and recently I came across that my Bat points are getting deducted as the days are passing, same problem happened with me previously but was solved after few days. but this time I notice that it’s been 4 days that the problem is not solved. I ran some troubleshooting like I updated the Browser and checked if the Auto-contribution (it was OFF). I also notice that the frequency of Ads was set to 5 ads per hour. but there are hardly 2-3 ads I get here, and today I got just 1 Ad and that too my Bat was deducted.

Hope Brave Support will get me a solution for the issue ASAP.

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Brave version (check About Brave):
v 1.24.85

Do you have other devices running Brave? If so, is auto-contribute turned OFF in ALL of them?

Ad frequency has decreased overall for everyone. The “ads per hour” setting is a MAXIMUM, not a minimum.

no ads for me too but no missing bat… meanwhile cryptocurrency value is down by 50% over the past few days… should we panic :worried: :pleading_face: :worried: :fearful: :scream:

Only if you want to… :crazy_face:

yes I also use another browser and its auto contribution was also Off, and this same issue I’m facing with Brave already.

Do you mean that the number of BAT (tokens) is going down? Or that the dollar amount is going down? When did you start noticing this behavior? Did you recently link your account to an Uphold wallet?

Im just using Brave for the ad blocker on sites, the rest of paying people is a scam, same like other crappy services out there

Not a scam, but definitely not a significant source of income.

It’s not a scam. yes, sometimes we face issues while transferring but I don’t the system is crappy. You can start earning just surfing on Brave Browser, The thing is that you need patience and Planning how can you use or invest that BAT to make you more money.

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