BAT and Uphold after verification

Just verified my Uphold account today. It says I have this amount of BAT:
01 uphold balance

However, I’ve been using Brave on my PC for a while before the verification, it shows me that I have a different amount of BATs:

I’ve read some threads about this topic, I was just wondering, how’s the fixing going on?
I am in no rush, I don’t need to transfer cryptos at the moment, but I would like to understand the situation behind this difference in values.

Extra question for you:

After I linked Uphold with Brave I received some emails from Uphold and I have apparently received BATs from Brave Software International.

-“A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.”

Nothing against it, I was just wondering, is it normal?

This is normal. The BAT transferred from your Rewards wallet to Uphold. If you total it, should have the same amount with BAT shown in your “Brave Browser” card – 46.5 BAT.

And that’s ±half of your total BAT in your Rewards wallet – 111 BAT. Based on screenshots you shared.

And the team is still workin on it. Check Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet for more info (if you haven’t)

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