BAT amount less/ pérdida en la cantidad de BATs

Have a very good morning, I’m writing to support cause over the past month my BATs at a certain point have disappeared for no apparent reason. I will explain:
On one day around the middle of July I had about 8.020 BATs, I went back to the browser and I realized that the estimated BATs earned dropped to 2 BATs … you can imagine my regret. This situation was repeated a few days ago in the massive reduction of BATs earned. I clarify that I have the contributions and tips disabled.
I hope to know the reason behind this situation, cause BRAVE browser is one of the best browsers that I have found due to the personalized interface and the ad shields, without the intention of looking good with you but saying my appreciation about the browser. Waiting for an answer - JHAIR SICHA TORRES :disappointed_relieved::confused::confused:

Tenga muy buen día, escribo a soporte porque durante el último mes mis BAT en un momento determinado han desaparecido sin razón aparente. Lo explicaré:
Un día, a mediados de julio, tenía alrededor de 8.020 BAT, volví al navegador y me di cuenta de que los BAT estimados ganados se redujeron a 2 BAT …pueden imaginar mi pesar.
Esta situación se repitió hace unos días en la masiva reducción de mis ganancias obtenidas. Aclaro que tengo las contribuciones y propinas deshabilitadas.
Espero saber la razón detrás de esta situación, porque el navegador BRAVE es uno de los mejores navegadores que he encontrado debido a la interfaz personalizada y los escudos publicitarios, sin la intención de quedar bien con vosotros. Esperando una respuesta - JHAIR SICHA TORRES :disappointed_relieved::confused::confused:

Hey @Jossloup ! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Since it is the start of the month, estimated earnings have gone to 0 to represent a new month of earnings.

Your BAT will be paid out to you during August 5th - 10th.


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Good afternoon and thanks to the quick reply; Well, it happens that the estimate was not reduced days before ending July but from a little before the middle of last month, so I felt a little bad about both drops in the profits that I got :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:. I hope its the situation you mention to me. Thanks a lot

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